Peer Review Process

Editors of MJFMCT shall ensure timely peer review and publication for papers they receive, especially where, findings may have important implications.

Authors should be aware that priority for publication is most likely for papers that, as judged by the journal’s editorial staff, may have important implications. The timing of publication may also be influenced by themed issues or if editors group submissions on a similar topic which, inevitably, prevents them from being published in the order that articles were accepted.

All submissions are peer-reviewed by at least two independent reviewers using a double-blind policy by expert reviewers in this field. The review process takes 2-3 weeks.

1- Submitted manuscripts are reviewed initially by the MJFMCT chief and associate editors for the scope, the structure, and the language. Then manuscripts will be evaluated by reviewers according to standards set in authors' guidelines

2- The following elements (as appropriate) will be checked: • Confirmation that the authors have read and understood the Instructions to Authors • Authorship statement explaining what each author contributed to the paper • Funding information • Competing interests declaration • Permission obtained for use of copyrighted material from other sources • Documentation for any citations to unpublished work (eg, articles in press/personal communications) • Information about previous submissions to other journals (eg, name of journal, reviewer comments) • Confirmation that the manuscript has been submitted solely to our journal and is not published, in press or submitted elsewhere

3- Manuscripts that do not follow these criteria will be rejected.