Volume & Issue: Volume 26, Issue 2, July 2018 
Cholinesterase Enzymes as Predictors for Severity Among Acutely Organophosphorus Intoxicated Patients

Pages 17-25

Alyaa A Othman; Hend M Abo El-Atta; Seham Gad El-Hak; Abdel Aziz Ghanem

Role of Copper, Magnesium, and Zinc in Pathogenesis of Hepatocellular Carcinoma and Cirrhosis

Pages 53-66

Afaf M Attia; Sohayla M. Attalla; Enase AME Baraka; Maysaa E Zaki; Nashwa y. Elkhouly

Expression of MicroRNA-24 in Aflatoxin B1 Exposed Patients with Hepatocellular Carcinoma and Cirrhosis

Pages 67-82

Afaf M Attia; Dina Elhammady; Maha R Habeeb; Neven F Abbas; Maysaa E Zaki

A Study of Clinical and Laboratory Picture of Acute Tramadol Toxicity in Damietta Governorate

Pages 143-153

Mohammed A Nasr; Sherif F Mahmoud; Mostafa A. Mohammad; Hesham S Abd El- samie

Incidence and Factors Influencing Acute Tramadol Toxicity-Inducing Seizures in Damietta Governorate

Pages 155-167

Hamada Adree; Fouad H Aldabah; Waleed E Abo Baraka; Sherief M Alshazly

Repeated Tramadol Administration Induced Bleeding in Albino Rats

Pages 169-177

Hanem M Roshdy; Rania Hamed Abdel-Rahman; Hanan Azzam; Amal A. El-Bakary

Effects of Environmental Exposure to Lead and Cadmium on Male Fertility

Pages 179-191

Ahmed Zaki; Fouad H Aldabah; Mostafa A. Mohammad; Tarek M Emran; Ahmed W Amer