Evaluation of the Usefulness of Some Mandibular Measurements for Sex and Age Prediction in a Sample of Egyptian Population

Volume 26, Issue 1, January 2018, Pages 1-12

Ahmed A Hashem; Hussein I. Saudi; Amera Wahdan; Yara Bahloul

Sex Discrimination from Orbital Aperture by Using Computed Tomography: Sample of Egyptian population

Volume 27, Issue 1, January 2019, Pages 1-12

Afaf M Attia; Mahitab Ghoneim; Sahar M M Elkhamary

Detoxification Methods of Benzodiazepines Mono-Dependence: Application and Comparison

Volume 23, Issue 1, January 2015, Pages 1-27

Doaa M El-Gharbawy; Ehab S. Ramadan; Inas H. El-Mehallawi; Eman I. Draz; Aisha I. Maklad

Predictive Value of Triage Vital Signs and Conscious Level For Outcome Evaluation in Acutely Intoxicated Patients

Volume 22, Issue 2, July 2014, Pages 1-13

Assmaa Assaf; Manal A. Abd El Kareem; Hany M. Tawfik; Marwa Hasb Elnabi

Can Rutin be Used as An Antidote for Acute Acetaminophen Induced Hepatic Toxicity? An Experimental Study

Volume 22, Issue 1, January 2014, Pages 1-15

Seham Gad El-Hak; Amal A El-Bakary; Samera H Shaaban; Wagdi F. Alkashef; Nancy A. Abdulhaq

A Correlation Study between Post Mortem Interval Estimation and Vitreous Potassium Level

Volume 21, Issue 2, July 2013, Pages 1-14

Nermeen A. M. Hassan; Sahar A. Eldakroory

Evaluation of Doxorubicin Toxicity; Does Ferulic Acid have A Possible Protective Effect Like Ginkgo Biloba ?

Volume 21, Issue 1, January 2013, Pages 1-20

Sahar A. El-Dakrory; Hala Elashry; Abd Elaziz Hussein; Amira Kamal Elhawary

Immunotoxicity of Some Pesticides in Egyptian Diabetic Children

Volume 20, Issue 2, July 2012, Pages 1-15

Rania Hamed Abdel-Rahman; Doaa A. El Morsi; Sherin M Abd El- Aziz; Ashraf A. El-Sharkawy

Substance Abuse in Patients with First Onset Convulsive Seizures

Volume 24, Issue 2, July 2016, Pages 1-15

Abdel Aziz A. Ghanem; Samera Shaaban; Rania Abdel-Rahman; Mohammad Abu-Hegazy

A Proposed New Scoring System for Hydrocarbon Poisoning Cases in Children in Gharbia Governorate

Volume 20, Issue 1, January 2012, Pages 1-15

Ahmed Abdel Raouf; Mona S. El-Gohary; Merfat Oreby; Asmaa Fady

Thyroglobulin Level in Postmortem Blood Samples as a Diagnostic Tool for Cause of Death

Volume 24, Issue 1, January 2016, Pages 1-12

Abdelmonem G Madboly; Eslam S. Metwally; Hesham A. Farag

The Possible Role of S100b Protein as A Prognostic Biomarker for Brain Injury in Acute Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Volume 19, Issue 1, January 2011, Pages 1-16

Naila A. El Nayal; Asmaa A. Fawzy; Hanan F. Abd El-Aziz; Heba Y. Mohamed; Hany M. Tawfik

Hair Aluminum and Manganese Levels in Children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Volume 28, Issue 1, January 2020, Pages 1-14

Rehab Mhanna; Sahar Eldakroory; Samera Hamid; Salwa Toubar; Laila El-Zalabany

Silver Nanotoxicity on Kidneys and Ovaries of Female Albino Rats

Volume 28, Issue 2, July 2020, Pages 1-14

Mohamed Nabeh; Yasmeen Taalab; Doaa Abd El Wahab; Samar Asker; Ahmed Elbedwehy; Mona El Harouny

Role of Fingerprints Patterns and ABO/Rh Blood Groups in Sex Dimorphism among Egyptian Population

Volume 30, Issue 2, July 2022, Pages 1-17

Samar M. Koura; Rania Hamed Abdel-Rahman; Nermin M. Emam

Forms of Bullying among Students in Medical Sector at Suez Canal University: Prevalence and Impact

Volume 31, Issue 1, January 2023, Pages 1-16

Shrouk Ali; Magee Sayed Rashad; Omneya Ibrahim; Azza Hamdy El-Elemi

Ameliorative role of tannic acid on monosodium glutamate-induced pancreatic toxicity on albino rats

Volume 29, Issue 2, July 2021, Pages 11-21

Palkis Mohamed; Rania Radwan; Sherine Ahmed Mohamed; Soheir Mohamed

Skeletal Maturation Using Cervical Vertebrae Versus Dental Age For Age Estimation

Volume 26, Issue 1, January 2018, Pages 13-21

Amal A. El-Bakary; Hend M Abo El-Atta